Slide Wave Canopy Computational Architecture
Digital Fabrication
Collaborative Work
AA . EmTech . 2009


As part of the EmTech tradition to build a collaborative studio project, the design and fabrication of the Wave Canopy happened in the academic year of 2008-9 at Architectural Assoication, AA School of Architecture, London, by all EmTech master students. The project has been started by material system development, mostly strip morphologies, how they could be developed in a design project and how could be fabricated with plywood and composites. The design has been done computationally and all fabrication files have been extracted from the digital model. It has been assembled in AA terrace and showcased for the AA project review. The project has been directed by the EmTech staff Michael Weinstock, Michael Hensel and Achim Menges. The structural analysis and consultancy was by Buro Happold Engineers, London. The credits would go for all 2008-9 EmTech students as well.

Slide Material System Development from physical to digital Material Computation

Slide Design with Material System Self Supporting plywood strips Strip Morphologies

Slide Material / Fabrication Tests System Development

project_01 Fabrication Data Preparatiopn
G-Code Generation
Sandwich Structured plywood/Composites

project_01 Strip Morphologies AA.Wave.Canopy