ZUBIN KHABAZI, architecture scholar, designer, and educator, is the founding director of the Studio of Algorithmic Art & Architecture, morphogenesism. He studied Master of Emergent Technologies and Design (EmTech) at Architectural Association (AA) London, after graduation from IAUM with a joint BSc and Master of Architecture (MArch) with Honors. His area of research is the computational design and digital fabrication, focused on plastic materials and casting technologies. Besides being an experimental fabricator, he has taught and lectured in schools and universities across the UK, France, and Iran. Alongside his practice, he published various papers and books as well as e-publications of ‘Generative Algorithms’ series, under Rhino-Grasshopper platforms. Investigations of ‘Digital Casting’ in art and architecture via computation and focus on Intangible Cultural Heritage are his current fields of research as a PhD researcher at Singapore University of Technology and Design(SUTD).


_ CV

_ Experience



Founder and Director, Morphogenesism, Laboratory of Algorithmic Art and Architecture.

Initiated in London, moved to Tehran and now based in Toronto.

_Role includes defining the work agendas in detail,

_Preparing proposals for projects,

_Leading projects from concept design to detailing, and making digital algorithms/tools for such procedures,

_Leading fabrication works from the preparation of files/codes to the generation of toolpaths/custom fabrication files,

_Working on fabrication procedure including work with CNC and Laser machines, 3D printers and power tools,

_Working on the assembly of projects, post-processing and finishing,

_Providing consultancy for external companies in the design and fabrication of complex projects,

_Setting up workshops and talks in the field of computational design with creative outcomes,

_Publishing papers, tutorials, and books to share knowledge and reach a wider audience.


Freelance Designer, KroniKare Pte. Ltd., Singapore.

_Role included concept design for the casing of a medical device, emerging in an startup company,

_Detail design of the product and preparation for production,

_Prototyping various design versions with 3D printing (FFF/PLA),

_Fabrication preparation of parts for SLS 3D printing.


Visiting Researcher, Living Architecture Systems Group (LASG), Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Design and fabrication of 3D printed fabrics for artists Iris Van Harpen and Philip Beesley.

_Role included designing patterns through generative design tools (Grasshopper),

_Preparation of custom fabrication files and toolpaths (custom GCode),

_Printing the patterns with TPU/TPE materials on fabrics using a large Bigrep 3D printer.


Faculty: IaaC Summer School, Tehran, Organized by IaaC School of Architecture, Barcelona, Spain.

_Role included writing the agenda and proposal of the projects,

_Defining design challenges for interactive installations centered around public health,

_Using microcontrollers (Arduino) and sensors for data collection for an interactive tool,

_Leading design and fabrication scenarios with monitoring of file/code preparation,

_Exhibiting the works in the AbAnbar art gallery for public visit.


Director and Tutor: CRAFT, Program in the exploration of digital design and fabrication of complex composite projects, with the realization of a 1:1 scale pavilion, Tehran, Iran.

_Role included writing the agenda and defining design challenges, objectives and goals,

_Leading the design of the project using generative tools (Rhino, Grasshopper, Millipede),

_Leading fabrication tasks with the preparation of files meeting industry standards (Mainly CNC, Robotic HWC),

_Monitoring fabrication of parts and construction and assembly of the project.


(Project-based: 2015-present)

Design and Technology Consultant, Harmen Design Inc., Architecture and Interior Design, Toronto, Canada, and Mashhad, Iran.

_Role included the computational design of complex projects (free-form double-curved surfaces),

_Fabrication and assembly of products using CNC parts for various waffle, contour and sectioning techniques,

_Consultation on design and fabrication of complex objects.


Tutor: Master II, “Ambiances et Cultures Numèriques”, Ateliers Philipe Liveneau, ENSA Grenoble, France.

_Role included teaching master student of architecture about computational design tools,

_Leading design and fabrication tasks (with focus on cut and fold strategy),

_Monitoring fabrication procedures for the final exhibition.


Faculty: AA Visiting School in Lyon, Organized by AA School of Architecture, London, UK.

2014: “Mud Body and Scripts”, Les Grands Ateliers, Lyon, France.

2013: “Synchronized Movements”, Les Grands Ateliers, ‘Festival Architectures de Terre’, Lyon, France.

_Role included teaching, moderating material experiments and hands-on experience for making prototypes,

_Monitoring design and fabrication of prototypes and parts (Rhino, Grasshopper, ArtCAM),

_Preparing final exhibition of the works.


Head of Design, Bana Pars Consultants Company, Mashhad, Iran.

Second place in the design competition for the “Padideh Kish” mix-use complex.

_Role included leading a team of 10+ designers to prepare concept design, diagrams and visualizations

_Leading the studies of the project and preparation of the reports.


Visiting lecturer: Digital Architectural Design, Virtual City Module , Faculty of the Built Environment, University of Salford, Manchester, UK.

_Role included conducting a research on object-oriented programing (agent-based modelling) using Processing,

_Teaching a parametric design workshop


Studio Tutor: Advanced Technologies in Architectural Design and Fabrication, Architecture and Technology Master Course, Faculty of Architecture, University of Tehran, Iran.

_Role included defining the design challenge,

_Leading the design and fabrication projects (cut and fold of sheet materials)


Faculty: AA Visiting School in Tehran, Organized by AA School of Architecture, London, UK.

2011: “Manufacturing Simplexities II”, Faculty of Architecture, University of Tehran, Iran.

2010: “Manufacturing Simplexities I”, Faculty of Architecture, University of Tehran, Iran.

_Role included leading a module with various hands-on material experiments,

_Exploring bottom-up design approaches though the material exploration process.

_Monitoring design progress and setting up final exhibition.



Design and Technology consultant, Akhtar Sepehr Construction Company, Mashhad, Iran.

_Role included preparing/monitoring design/construction drawings for projects,

_Construction site visits for the evaluations and updating of designs/drawings.



Studio Tutor: Architectural Design, Foundation, Faculty of Architecture, Azad University of Mashhad, Iran.

_Role included defining the agenda, objectives and goals,

_Leading the studio, moderating material experimentation and hands-on practices,

_Setting up exhibitions for public.



_ Exposure (Papers and Publications)




Rationalization algorithm for a topologically-optimized multi-branch node for manufacturing by metal printing,

by Hassani, Vahid, Zubin Khabazi, Hamid Ahmad Mehrabi, Carl Gregg, and Roger William O’Brien.

Journal of Building Engineering 29 (2020): 101146


Form-Finding and Structural Shape Optimization of the Metal 3D-Printed Node,

by Hassani, Vahid, Zubin Khabazi, Felix Raspall, Carlos Banon, and David Rosen. Proceedings of CAD’19, Singapore (2019): 24-28


Mathematical Design and Challenges in the Materialization of a Free-From Shell,

by Zubin Khabazi, in: T. Fukuda, W. Huang, P. Janssen, K. Crolla, S. Alhadidi (eds.), Learning, Adapting and Prototyping – Proceedings of the 23rd CAADRIA Conference – Volume 1, Tsinghua University, Beijing, China, 17-19 May (2018): pp. 19-28


Digital Deposition of Materials, Persian edition

Kasra Publishing, Iran. ISBN: 978-600-6509-58-7


Adaptive Fabrication, Cellular Concrete Casting using Digital Mould

In “Complexity, Simplicity”, Proceedings of the 34th eCAADe conference, 2016, Oulu, Finland.


Materiality in its Minimum, Minimum Material Consumption through Design with Mathematics

In “Parametricism vs. Materialism”, Proceedings of the 2016 ASCAAD Conference, SOAS University, London, UK.


Customised Fabric Formwork using Digital Fabrication for the Construction of Free-Form Architecture.

by Zubin Khabazi, In “Future Visions”, the proceedings of 2015 conference of the International Association for Shell and Spatial Structures (IASS), Amsterdam, Netherlands.


Digital Design Processes, Persian edition

Kasra Publishing, Iran. ISBN: 978-600-6509-18-1


Generative Algorithms, Third Online Edition

Published in McNeel’s Grasshopper website as an online resource.


Algorithmic Architecture Paradigm, Persian edition

Kasra Publishing, Iran. ISBN: 978-600-6509-05-1


Generative Algorithms: Strip Morphologies

Published in McNeel’s Grasshopper website as an online resource.


Generative Algorithms: Porous Structures

Published in McNeel’s Grasshopper website as an online resource.


Generative Algorithms: Weaving

Published in McNeel’s Grasshopper website as an online resource.


Project publication at: “Self Sufficient Housing:1st advanced architecture contest”

Edited by Vicente Guallart, Willy Müller, Lucas Cappelli, Institut d’Arquitectura Avançada de Catalunya, Actar Publication, Spain.



_ Education




PhD, Architecture and Sustainable Design,

(with focus on computational design/fabrication in challenges regarding the safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage)

Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD), Singapore


Master of Emergent Technologies and Design (EmTech)

Architectural Association, AA School of Architecture, London, UK


BSc and Master of Architecture (with Honors)

Azad University of Mashhad (IAUM), Faculty of Architecture, IRAN

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