Slide CRAFT.2014 Computational Architecture
Digital Fabrication
Collaborative Work
Summer.2014, Tehran



CRAFT initiated as an annual event to foster computational design and digital fabrication with realization of a 1:1 pavilion, through collaborative design and collective work. This event has been crowd sourced and was independent. CRAFT.2014 was the first try, focused on the design of a 4*4*4 m pavilion through mathematical definition of Gyroid, a periodic minimal surface. For the fabrication of this pavilion, flexible formwork strategy has been used, combined with composite materials. In a brief, the pavilion has been subdivided into pieces, for each, a unique formwork has been generated and cut with a CNC machine and further assembled. After applying the composite, the formwork opened and the pieces assembled together to shape the pavilion. The product assembled in former “Shams Brewery” facilities in Tehran. 

Slide Design using mathematical Gyroid surface Sin(x)*Cos(y)+Sin(y)*Cos(z)+Sin(z)*Cos(x) = 0 Explicit Utilisation of math functions

Slide Structural Analysis Design Studies / Data Extraction Design Optimisation

Slide Material Studies Experimentation and Studies Material System Development

project_01 Fabrication Data Extraction
Waffle Generation
G-Code / CNC
[ Generative] Detail Design

project_01 Summer.2014, Tehran CRAFT.2014 Pavilion.